Why it’s ok to not be perfect!


So much pressure.

Why is it that everyone feels the pressure of being perfect. Is it the media that makes us feel that way? Our parents that made us get all A’s, or is it our own selves that put that pressure on us. Growing up, little girls dream of the perfect wedding, boyfriend, husband or job. I know I did. Back then I didn’t even know what perfect really meant. And to be honest I still don’t really understand the definition of perfect.

I do know that when you look up the definition it says “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be”.  What stands out to me in this definition is desirable elements. The definition of perfect is actually different in all of us. We all see perfection the way we want to see it. What’s perfect to you may not be perfect to me.

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Being grateful. Why it’s so hard and how we move forward.

That moment you realize what you need.

As I scrolled through Facebook this past weekend, I was saddened by all the tragedy I was reading. Even though these were mostly people I had never met, my heart was breaking for the families affected. As I proceeded to do my scrolling, I also realized how many of my friends and family are going through tough times. Some with medical issues, some with losing loved ones and others dealing with financial problems.

Reading all of this made me feel sad, sort of helpless. How are these friends, family members and strangers learning to cope? I thought to myself “how would I deal with it”. And my answer to myself wasn’t very positive. My emotions took over and I was brought to tears. But then at that moment, I took a deep breath and realized that I needed to live in the moment and find gratefulness in all that I have. Something I have been doing for many years now.

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Are you saying these 3 words when you walk into the gym? This could help you change your mindset.

Yes those 3 words.

“I hate cardio”! Those 3 words are pretty common coming from the mouths of gym goers! Cardio, it’s like a bad word. Those dreaded pieces of equipment that look like big scary monsters. They will eat you up and spit you back out. They make you sweat, and make you tired. You are out of breath. How can this be any fun? How will this make me feel and look better, or reach my goals?

The evolution of cardio equipment.

I first started using cardio equipment back in the 80’s. Seems like a hundred years ago. If my kids are reading this they are saying that was a hundred years ago mom. I remember we only had a few treadmills, some recumbent bikes and a few upright bikes. Not too much to choose from. But, I still got on that treadmill and walked, and walked and walked. Running was not my thing back then. I had been a gymnast and the knees were not doing so well.

Yes this got very boring. So I started to decrease my cardio and only lifted weights. Needless to say, I was getting pretty big and bulky. I realized after a while that the cardio portion of y workout was more important than I thought. Fast forward a few years (well quite a few years) and you now have many options to make that cardio workout something you look forward to.

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How are you showing up? Try these tips for a positive day.


Time to wake up!

The alarm goes off and it’s time to get up and start your day. Are you off to work? Getting up to get kids ready for school? Where ever you are going it’s important to start your day off right. When we struggle with mornings, it starts our day off on the wrong foot. We have set the wrong tone not only for the day but maybe even for the whole week. So how do we change that? How can we get our day going in the right direction.

Change your mindset.

Before your feet hit the ground take a moment to think of a few things you are grateful for at that moment. It could be the rain drops you hear on your bedroom window. How about the sunshine filtering through your blinds. Or just the fact that you woke up to see another day.  Being grateful for something in your life helps you to take control of your morning. We all have our days when we wake up and our first thought is dread. We don’t want to face issues at work, or face our co-workers or bosses. Or maybe it’s bills that are starting to pile up. The thoughts in our head all point to negativity. I have been guilty of this myself at times.

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Trouble staying motivated? Use these tips to stay on track.


Do you always have an excuse when it comes to staying motivated?

It’s too cold. It’s too hot. I’m too tired. Or how about “I just don’t feel like it”. These are just some of the common excuses we use to get out of doing the things that we know we should do. Unless it’s something we really want to do we always find excuses. How many times have you thought of a project you wanted to start, or maybe a new side business you have always wanted to try, and that’s exactly what it turns into just a thought. I know from my personal experiences, I have at times had these great ideas to make extra money and they stayed just ideas in my head. It wasn’t until I really decided to get committed and stay committed that I learned how best to stay motivated.

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Starting the new year out with a workout plan? These 4 tips will help.

 It’s that time of year for resolutions.

Yes, here we go. The start of  talk between friends and family about their New Years resolution’s.  And most of those resolution’s involve health and working out. It’s time for everyone to hit the gym, to start eating right, and lose those unwanted pounds from the past year. This is the perfect time to refresh and restart. Let’s face it, saying “I’m going to start working out” isn’t as easy as it sounds. It sounds like the perfect resolution to all of those around us but putting it in motion is the hard part.

The question to ask ourselves.

Before you even walk through the door of your new gym, or the gym that hasn’t seen you for a while you need to ask yourself some questions. Making sure you understand why it is important to stay committed is vital. Equally as vital is knowing how to stay committed. The excitement wears off of the new year and the goals you are trying to achieve. Life just simply gets in the way. You start missing a day here and a day there and pretty soon you are missing weeks at a time. If you can do these four steps you will be better prepared to stay on a journey of a lifetime resolution.

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Working out on vacation. It’s not an excuse to skip.

Working out on vacation


Vacation workout, it’s possible.

Finally, you have vacation time. A little getaway with the family, or maybe just time away for yourself. The time away from work and everyday life is going to relieve some stress. One thing you will be away from is your gym. But that shouldn’t stop you from continuing your reach for your goals. Can you still get a vacation workout? Actually, being away from the normal routine you do in the gym or while working out at home can be good.

Change is good as I say in my post Cardio workouts not working? Change it up, you will be successful! And a vacation workout will be one way you can do that even if it is only for a limited time. You just might find that some of the things you do while you are away will become a new workout for you. So you are on this great journey of health and fitness and now you have thrown a small wrench in it by leaving town.

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The 5 must have pieces of equipment for your home workout

most important home workout equipment

No need to start big.

Looking to start a home workout? Making sure you have the right equipment is essential. The great thing about getting a good workout at home, is you don’t really need expensive equipment. Doing cardio is one thing, but getting a good strength workout is another. When it comes to your cardio, there are treadmills and Stairmasters and even stationary bikes. You can purchase those at any sporting goods store. Cardio can also consist of simply walking the neighborhood. Now let’s focus on the strength training part. Let’s talk about some of the important pieces of equipment to have to get a full body workout.

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Going after your goals. These tips will get you started.


 Do you know what your goals are?

So they say that change is good. They also say nothing changes in your comfort zone. This is so true. As  we think about all the things we  want to do, we also think of all the excuses not to do them. When it comes to goals, there are a lot of times we push them away. We think of all the reasons why we shouldn’t go after them. There are many things that we need to do and have in order to achieve our happiness. And usually our happiness involves our goals.

Often times, we may not even know what they are. We go through life feeling as though something is missing. Are those goals being suppressed? Maybe we don’t feel as though we deserve them. Or maybe we just are not sure how to go about reaching them. For each person the path is different. Some have an easy path. And some have a very bumpy road filled with many obstacles.


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Are you breaking the rules of “gym etiquette”?



What is gym etiquette?

Etiquette. The customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.  Gym etiquette. Again, the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Etiquette is the same anywhere you are, whether you are at school, at home, at the store and even in the gym.  Just because you are in a sweaty, noisy, crowded, weight filled environment doesn’t mean you lose your manners or politeness.

Why do we need gym etiquette?

Everywhere you go, there are rules or policies. When you are on the road or freeway there are laws. When you are in the library there are rules. How about in school, there are rules, rules and more rules. So being in the gym or a fitness class is no different. You have to remember that you are not the only one in the room. I am sure that many of you can relate to seeing or knowing that person who commits the gym etiquette crime. So let’s go over some of the biggest mistakes that gym members and group exercise participants make. And how they break the rules of “gym etiquette”.


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